Saturday, December 16, 2006

if you would like to know about the movie

I did
come in late
but it seemed like I missed the ending
instead of the beginning

there was no clear hero
but there was a man fixing his car
he was by the side of the road
in a desert-like place (New Mexico)

when I went to get popcorn
he ended up by the beach on a bicycle
the love interest was a either a dog
or a girl they both had the same
color hair and wore a dark necklace

sometimes she would walk across
the screen and the man wouldn’t
look up but she might have
been the angry girl sitting in the front row

I’m pretty sure the dog was a lab
we saw many shots of him sleeping
in the back seat of the car
since it was so hot his tongue hung out

once he appeared to be barking at the waves
but no sound came out of his

the man fixing his car wore heavy gloves
and had a smudge of grease along
one cheek

sometimes he would look up
at the sun and wipe his wet bangs
from his forehead with the back of his wrist

when this happened a guitar would play


Valerie Loveland said...

Really like how this starts.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Valerie about the start, but let me add ... the last three stanzas that close the poem are incredible.

In stanza 6 - to be barking.

I like this poem Christine.

Christine E. Hamm, Poet/Professor/Painter said...

Thanks! Valerie and Sam.

So the middle part about the audience is where it seems to lag a bit?

Yes, "to BE barking" fixing it now!

Anonymous said...

I think the whole poem is great, but there is the part in the middle describing the girl and the dog that is a little less compelling than the rest (Although I love the barking with no sound coming out).

Christine E. Hamm, Poet/Professor/Painter said...

Thanks, Valerie. I will work on that.