Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Yeah! Red River Review published my poem! Without even notifiying me. Whee! Here it is. More poems about typing and being angry... about having to type.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

I'm trying a new style. Poem.

Oh Daddy

what are you what are you doing
why is this locked not locked locked

I’m just going to stand here
pound until shut it!
Shut it! no you don’t Shut it!
Shut up and shut it shut it
please shut it oh now there’s no
shut it... oh.

A dark horse in the living room. My mother sips
mint tea reads Agatha Christie the rubber plant
touches the ceiling the clouds fog or is it
smoke crawl in through the windows
they are shut shut it! shut it! I stand naked
in the corner and quiver there’s humming a blank

a blank spot shut it
shut it oh
shut it

Disturbing, much?

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

New poem!(not quite sure if the commas are working, innit) And, by the way, I am on the short list to having a poem accepted by a Sci-fi, fantasy mag, Adromeda in-flight, which PAYS for poetry. How insane is that?


Summer around our backyard pool,
I sat half in her shadow, the chlorine drying in my shivers,
and held her feet while she lay dark-glassed and silent
in the striped beach chair.

Her ruby toenails were the throats of hummingbirds
her freckles -- constellations foretelling my future
but the ragged patch
on her right foot, where the tan

seemed erased, drew my little girl kisses
because that part, that most naked pale skin,
was on my own foot in the same frog-shape

and it was by that mark I knew
no matter what she said,
she was my mother.
Meet my alter-ego Mike, or so he claims.

BTW, you can also find my blog by googling, "trek panties." Who knew.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

If you do a google search for "psychiatric stock photos" or "weapons, including sharpened pencils" you will come upon my book. Buy it! It's funny, dark and sexy.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Hey, fellow poets, I've finally admitted it -- I'm
addicted to the web. Every day it sucks away 2-3
precious hours, and during the time, I stumble across
many interesting writing sites. I've wanted to share
my discoveries with people -- since writing misery (I
mean fun) loves company, so I'm trying to start a
mailing list, which will be irregular, daily or
weekly, depending on my mood. It will list the poetry
sites, contests and furballs (ok, my cat made me type
that last one) I come across all the time. If you are
interested, please respond to, subject -SIGN UP. I will
probably be mailing the list from a different address
however, I'll keep you updated.

Monday, March 01, 2004

I had the most wonderful Sunday because I got to volunteer for Brendan Lorber (editor of Lungful!) at his fund-raiser for the new issue at the Zinc bar and all sorts of wonderful poets were there and I even got to talk a little to some of them although one woman from my poetry class seemed to be hating me and of course, smacks head, it's because I'm fat and I make stupid comments in class. Which explains all my problems yet again. Speaking of class, Brendan is running this most wonderful at the Poetry Project and I am learning so very much about the New York School and different styles of poetry which do not include rhymes so I don't have to hate them and I am very glad that I did not try to get yet another MA in writing and instead just opted to take classes at the Poetry Project. Ye shall see some of the fruits of this class soon.
I am so giddy!!
Because I just found out that I won two prizes for my poetry and I am just extra-happy and bouncy. One here, where I was one of 25 winners, and here I was nominated by The Critical Poet to represent the board for March -- hee! Out of hundreds of poems! So the IBPC is more of a semi-finals, I have to find out if I win that.