Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dear writers and others,

I'm running a contest! If you're not interested in poetry at all, then just ignore this. The first 3 people who email me with the correct answer will win a free copy of "Echo Park".

Kate Durbin said this about the book: "From "pink-spangled bikinis" to "your mother's stolen perfume," Christine Hamm's Echo Park is littered with the strange, sexy detritus of life, gorgeous life."

And Rebecca Loudon said this: "These poems are a delicious dreamy basket of puppies with a dank surprise underneath—not the pony every little girl longs for but a portal into a whole wide weirdly and care(fully) imagined world."

The email address for this contest is christinehamm01@yahoo.com. Only responses sent to this particular email can win. If you have already agreed to write a review for me, you're getting a free copy anyway, so please don't enter the contest.

Here is the contest question:

What was the last line of the last poem in Plath's original version of "Ariel", before Hughes rearranged all the poems after Plath's death?