Thursday, December 07, 2006

Trying to work on some film related poems:

Ode to Mia
For Mia Kirshner

your long dark hair
with waves glinting
like broken glass embedded in a knee

you always play the crazy ones

you are short childlike
you bought coffee once standing in line
ahead of me
your skin was bad you didn’t look around much
perhaps you noticed I was staring

this was before the crow

when you are a lesbian you are mean

often you wear corsets eye shadow
and are sacrificed

your eyes change color but they always
remind me of a wolf or something
swimming very fast underwater

your neck is so long ethereal
yellow seems made for
knives or hands

sometimes you fall in love
with a bird

sometimes you beg sometimes you
refuse to beg

we want to toss you towards the sky
catch you as your hair flares out
a dark exclamation

you wear a schoolgirl’s uniform
you strip it off men try to
touch places they shouldn’t
women try to part your thighs

sometimes you draw on your
breasts with magic marker

sometimes you are the victim
and they don’t find you
until much too late

Comments are appreciated, y'all.

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