Friday, April 28, 2006

Some pics from the Mipoesias Stain Bar reading, which I will be visiting again in the future, even if just to listen, since I had such a great time, and the audience was very nice, even though the MC made fun of my name, and made several "sandwich" remarks.

(Amy King)

(Jen Tynes)

(Jennifer Firestone -- isn't that a cool last name?)

Who's this silly red ghost?

Go to my flickr to see the larger versions.


Amy said...

Such great readings from all three of you -- and so varied. Thanks for making my first hosting experience yummy. Just one question: why do I look frightened in that photo?

Christine said...

I thought you looked "serious", I don't see the fear. Although perhaps you fear the wrath of those who have suffered from too many puns.