Wednesday, April 05, 2006

this is very much a rought draft.

The Magic Resume
will not only get you a job
it will break your boss’s heart
make him hide under his desk
small, moist and quivering,
it will slyly suggest that he suck
his thumb during a power point presentation
when he holds it up to the florescent light
it will flare into pink and blue flames
which do not consume it

when his office door is closed it becomes a mirror

on a darkened desk it is a square hole
to the night sky on the other side of the world

once he slides it out of the envelope it adheres to his hands
slick roots slither from the edges of the matt linen paper

wind their way down into the stem of his wrists
break off into petal-shaped bits inside his blood stream

lodge in his heart, his brain
until he is saturated with the invisible ink
of your job mystery

the fact you can type with your tongue

the position at the front desk of a toenail factory
you held for five years

your experience as a receptionist for a one-legged hitman
in a large, pine-scented office with a plush carmine carpet

the year you stood outside at a payphone and answered it
for mininmum wage

the swimming skills you honed at summer camp
the certificate in chicken care

that time in the second grade when your best friend
peed her pants
and you told the teacher it was you

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