Saturday, April 01, 2006

My first national poetry writing whatever-- I'm thinking of reading it on Thursday for my performance. Does it sound funny?

Shopping Carts
Shopping cart of shadows. Shopping cart of chocolate, gold lined. Shopping cart of lost prosthetic limbs. Experimental shopping cart in the birthing room. Shopping cart with two people in it, speeding down a hill. Shopping cart in the college library. Shopping cart, upside down, at the bottom of a pond. Shopping cart in my backyard, holding an over-sized, wet, pink, teddy bear. Shopping cart for target practice, throwing stones, field next to the railroad tracks. Shopping cart with ten toddlers inside, next to the side of the road. Collie chained to a shopping cart.
Two people having sex in a shopping cart, probably not worth the effort. The silence of shopping carts. The placid nature of shopping carts. Shopping cart, two feet away, staring at you. Shopping cart full of meat in your living room. Vintage shopping cart, broken wheel, side of the gas station . The unfelt pain of shopping carts. Shopping cart with colored ribbons, patriotic shopping cart. Shopping cart of shame. Shopping cart of the poorly integrated ego. Shopping cart with no brakes. Shopping cart of spoiled vanilla pudding.
Shopping cart de amor.

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thom ingram said...


Good luck writing this month.

Yea! Napowrimo!

thom ingram