Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Number 4. Okay, it's getting like drawing blood, or having teeth pulled... when does April end again?

Definition of a Tree
when climbed, gives a view
of other trees, houses, the street
next door, and the next
is not pleasant to lick but
feels good on your palms
leaves light green near the stem
yellow near the edges
like glass held to light
shaped like spear heads
not good to eat
branches the size of your waist
precarious for balancing
beetles crawl up your shorts
leaf cluster at the end of
branches make good
whips for a younger brother
bark gets in your hair, knots it
when you shimmy up the trunk
the canopy sways when you get to the top
rocks back and forth like a rowboat
mothers scream when they see you
up high
in June the pollen floats into your eyes
coats your skin
you can make clouds
when you shake the tree
bring down shards of brown
you might be Tarzan

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