Sunday, April 02, 2006

insanely easy to write. I bet number 3 will be harder.

The Call
every morning at 8 I get a phone call
sometimes it’s 8:07, sometimes 8:10
it’s the same man’s voice, an urgent
message, telling me I need to return
the call if I care about things, people
cars, and the state of taxes, there’s
something I need to know, the recording
says again and again, this has been going
on for over a year, Saturday, Sunday
the same call, the same voice it always
cuts off before he gives me the number
when I pick up the recording just stops
and then there’s the disconnecting
click, my husband rolls over, half
in a dream, and says, yes, you are
pregnant, and I say, no, honey,
go back to sleep now


aleah said...

I love the eerie feeling created here. Nice.

Christine said...