Monday, April 17, 2006

17, already?

Events Occurring in a Car

I lean the bucket seat back
so you can climb on top of me
you groan as if it hurts you
I’m so wet I soak through my jeans

my father puts his hand between my thighs
I push it away he puts it back and
laughs my mother hisses from
the back seat

you aren’t paying attention to me so I
swerve a little more on the steep bend outside
the ranch the car flips end over end
down the hillside you aren’t wearing
a seatbelt but you brace yourself
with your fists on the ceiling

I turn to wave at you as I cross the
intersection and see you going the opposite
direction you ignore me and I crash into
a parked car

I am driving my brother to swim practice
I tell him to stay in the back seat he tries
to crawl into the front I jam on the brakes
he slams forward and breaks off the review
mirror with his forehead I tell him he is an

my mother is driving me home after school
she tells me I must attend an awards
ceremony to get my award I say I’m
embarrassed and I don’t want it she stops
the car and throws me out

I am in the backseat my father is driving
down a winding road slope on one side
cliff and sea on the other I can’t breathe
everybody is watching me I scream slow
down slow down my father tells me it is
alright and keeps on my brother holds my hand
I pull away to clutch the door

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