Tuesday, May 02, 2006

a rewrite, a rewrite! very exciting thunder and lightening

Pale Horse

my hospital bed in the living room I am a shut-off room with its own
weather my son trembles in the distance baby’s breath in his fist
like I’m his first date and he’s terrified I’ll kiss him
under the apple tree

I don’t sleep anymore I dream with my eyes open in my dream
I predict my daughter’s future express myself through the mouth
of a brown goat

the goat shits daisies and lilies
they pile up on the couch the window sill my daughter begs
the doctor to increase the morphine in my drip

here’s a fence of poesies around my bed violets white tulips
queen anne's lace they hope to bury me in flowers my lavender
nightgown stinks of roses my hands swim free
float around the room
touching petals when no one’s watching the children

whisper about me upstairs I use my new eyes to see
through the ceiling

when my goat is done chewing the potted plants
he lets me lean on him leads me into the kitchen
I do things

there at night excellent meals I put
together and hide

they’ve picked out a flowered
urn for my ashes I have other


aleah said...

I LOVE THIS. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. I wish I could have written it.

Christine said...

Wow! Thanks!