Monday, May 29, 2006

Sorry I've been MIA lately; illness has got me down. But I'm a little better.

Here's a poem I came up with after melding three sources together for my visual poetry class (see pic below). Text from the library after I did a search on feminism and naming -- I got a crazy article about female apostles, plus my skewed and surreal impressions of the library, and text and a page from a handbook on how to be a good secretary, circa 1941.

So this is what I came up with. I think it has some good spots, but it probably needs to be cut alot. Let me know what you think!

Highlight Your Individuality

Finally, the criterion of cohesiveness supports

1. Apostles must exhibit charisma

Stemming from 1969, we were dazzled.
"Visit a garment", the revolving doors whisper
by the thousands and then only when
accompanied by three masked men,
provided we each wear one hundred
thicknesses of material.

Our tiny heels on the marble floors full of diamonds,
a pattern placed on top of all we wish --
our fingerprints and sputum inside their books,
dresses cut out in one operation.

These books arrive ten days after we fill out
the forms, strapped to the back of red dresses.
Identical wooden cupboards descend and ascend
because they have neglected someone.

Heaven is painted on the ceiling here
but those books are placed on the table before us.
It is possible for a person to have a wooden spatula
to turn the pages and beat us. The descriptive phrases
hit us until our fingertips are raw,
until names are beaten out of our dreams.

Everyone wanting to help is allowed to
retire and have tea with the other ladies.
"Evasive", "gullible", "timid", are noticeable
characteristics of "Sugar."

What can you do to make individuality?
Observe the characteristics of persons whom you indicate.
Women fulfilled all criteria of apostleship.
List all these and add others.
Seem desirable, if you have anyone.

Click on image to see the big one.


Ivy said...

Sorry you've been feeling ill lately and hope it goes away soon. Great text, great vispoem! I've nought to add. ;-)

Christine said...

Thanks so much! I'm impressed that you liked it.

nycrobo said...

wow you have a great talent