Sunday, January 01, 2006


give up learning to fly
stop poking myself in the eye with a fork
learn to play the tambourine while hanging upside down
(from a jungle gym)
(stop using so many parentheses)

& cut down on words
Become Elizabeth Bishop
grow scales up my left leg
forgive my big toe for all the damage he’s done me
(continue to hate pinky)

Grow hair down to waist overnight
lose 50 lbs instantly
contrast the ceiling with the wall using color!
stop reading my spam
cut off both my hands, see what happens

tie cats to a stranger’s wheelchair
induce seizure by swallowing a gallon of Theraflu
chart results of seizure on my husband’s back
attempt to wake husband at least once

stop believing sleeping dogs, they lie!
Number 1: get trapped inside a helium balloon, float over the sea to Spain

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