Sunday, January 01, 2006

How to Woo Me

Magic Helmet
long underwear
(fragment) is created as a buck
false breasts

loses hair then he knows
crying flower on dead insects
light illuminates them

at end wakes from death
shadow masculine adult
real rickety small childlike
in no way matches proportions

opening note turns upside down and waltzes
wives’ telephone anger
little brown jug vs. blue Danube
music sheet made out of metal

Carmen paints tail
forgets on stage
identified by carrot

pants down, flowers, bloomers
barber grows hair
no faces until we see insects

razor Spanish senorita
fantastic running
weapon escalation stopped
by gender confusion

head piano, white gloves
salad head, rose head
ties the end of the gun
so he shoots himself

streams of blue people
lights in the hills
tall Italian bushes
huge cannon, no, huger
and says: what did you expect?

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