Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I borrowed this from Ivy. I couldn't resist: I wish I'd actually written it myself.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Christine!

  1. Christine is actually a fruit, not a vegetable!
  2. There is actually no danger in swimming right after you eat Christine, though it may feel uncomfortable!
  3. There are more than two hundred different kinds of Christine!
  4. It takes forty minutes to hard-boil Christine.
  5. Christine is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.
  6. The water in oceans is four times less salty than the water in Christine.
  7. Banging your head against Christine uses 150 calories an hour.
  8. A thimbleful of Christine would weigh over 100 million tons.
  9. Cats use their Christine to test whether a space is large enough for them to fit through!
  10. In Japan it is considered rude to talk with Christine in your mouth.
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Ivy said...

Yours are fun!

Christine said...

yours were fun too! plus you have the added twist of having a name that means a plant and a person, adds another dimension