Friday, January 27, 2006

Hey!! another contest. I might enter it...

Plan B Press

Current contest: Poetry Chapbook

Deadline: March 15, 2006
24 poems (apprx. 40 pages), Fee: $15
Winner gets: 50 copies of winning chapbook, $200 and one sponsored reading

Judge : Daniel Nester, author of God Save My Queen and God Save My Queen II both published by Soft Skull.

Contest Rules

1) Send in Manuscript, Fee, Table of Contents, and list of previously published work, if any, and SASE (if you want a letter response, otherwise we will e-mail)
2) Manuscripts will NOT be returned
3) Our judge does not read all submissions. We have a cache of readers who narrow down the field to a smaller group of semifinalists, which the judge reads. Our readers give comments/feedback. Please keep that in mind.
4) Chapbook must be in English, although there may be passages or words in other languages.
5) Winners of the contest will get a proof copy of the book before it gets printed. With the exception of punctuation and spelling, the manuscript version that the judge picks (fiction or poetry) is the version we are publishing. YOU MAY NOT RE-EDIT YOUR BOOK!
6) We encourage the winner's feedback for the cover image. We will not buy rights for an artist's work.
7) Though available, ISBNs are not included in the contest.
8) You may submit more than one manuscript, but each must be accompanied by an additional reading fee
9) Any manuscripts without fees will not be considered.
10) We reserve the right not to reprint the book, but will consider a reprint if books sell out. A contract will be drawn up if author wishes to reprint
11) Book design is the copyright of Plan B Press. Book may not be printed without Plan B Press's consent. Any cover imagery created by Plan B Press is also the copyright of publisher and may not be reprinted without permission

Plan B Press
PO Box 2080
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Knowing Nester, I think they would prefer experimental type stuff.

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