Saturday, January 14, 2006

Got my phone!

Thought I'd share an opportunity --

Submit your stuff! Look:


Hot Whiskey is now looking at book-length manuscripts of poetry, prose
and translation for the first perfect bound Hot Whiskey publication.
Manuscripts should be between 60 and 200 pages. Please contact us for
more information.

Hot Whiskey should be printing 1 to 2 perfect bound books a year.

We are also looking at chapbook manuscripts. Current and forthcoming
Hot Whiskey chapbook titles have or will come from Joseph Cooper,
Jared Hayes, Joseph Massey, Elizabeth Robinson and Anselm Parlatore.

Email manuscripts to:


Send to:

Hot Whiskey Press
1727 Pine St. #1
Boulder, CO 80302


Michael Koshkin and Jennifer Rogers
Hot Whiskey Editors

Hot Whiskey Press

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