Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another pritty poem.

consider the toad

I like to collect dried-up
roadkill from where the El
Camino is busiest down
the hill I pry it up with my
fingers and put it in a paper
grocery bag I keep my
collection in a basket under
my nightstand when it starts
to smell I sprinkle cinnamon
on it Frisky our German
Shepherd once ripped into my
basket and shredded the dried
animals all over my bed and
carpet ate some then vomited
and then ate some again my
mother got angry and I promised
to stuff them in the garbage
I didn’t not all of them I made
her a soup with the paws of
something poured hot water over
it and added salt but she refused
to eat it she said “no I won’t”

1 comment:

aardvark said...

Good. Twisted, but good.