Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Types of Rain

1) in sifting from clouds to earth, turns to white balls,
striking children down like wrath
2) evaporates in the shimmy of the air
before they reach the sidewalk in July
3) causes older women to stay indoors in November,
draw back the curtain and sigh at the window
4) leaves sparse comet craters
in the dust between
rows of August corn
5) serves to cleanse the hands
despite what clings under the fingernails
6) falls on the face and offer no relief
7) spatters like a sprinkler in June
when everyone is in their bathing suits
out on the lawn
8) strikes solely and mythically on TV,
encouraging a tree to part a house,
a pole to blend violently with a car
9) taps on frozen wooden roofs
to remind you that you are
finally inside: warm, dry


Ernesto said...

Love it. Reminds me of a journal I once had, which I had titled: "The Phenomenology of Rain".

Excellent poetry & blogging. Thanks!

Tao Lin said...

i like the first and last ones the best

i like six too

i like one, six, and nine

i like one because i feel like the children are running away but succumbing and that the children actually die from this

i like children

Christine said...

Thanks Ernesto, I like your blog too!

Reader -- thanks for your comment, it sort of matched the tone of the poem.