Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sorry it's been such a long time -- I've been away, etc. But here's a little light bit of work, just a draft. I'll get back to everyone I owe emails to, I promise.

Goldilocks, Dreaming

a skeleton walks into a bar,
tells the bartender,
give me a bear and a mop
because a bear leaves
oily footprints and
people could slip

and the bartender says we don't
serve no bear here,
this is a classy joint

the skeleton turns to the horse beside him
and asks if he'd like a bear

the horse says
I had a bear once when I was younger
I slipped out of the corral
into the woods

it was a dark and stormy night
I never did see his face
but I still have the teeth marks
here on my shoulder
I don't think I could handle
anymore bear right now
I've had enough for one night

then a termite walks in and asks, where is the bartender?
we all shrug, and
the new mothers in the corner go back
to nursing their bears


aleah said...

This is demented. ;-) I like it.

Christine said...

Thanks! It's like a whole bunch of bar jokes in a blender.