Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pictures from the reading Monday night, just of me (no naked butt ladies, this is family friendly!)

There's no more coming! So stop begging, seriously, it's undignified.


Michael said...

Poets with dignity? Since when? ;)

Mickey Z. said...

The vision of you in that skirt standing alongside the spray-painted wall is, well, delicious.

Anonymous said...

You're looking really good these days! And I enjoy your poetry tremendously, too :)

- An old flicker of a flame -

Radish King said...

I *heart* a woman who knows how to wear the right shoes with a kick ass skirt. Please, please come to Seattle, Land-0-Birkenstocks (those crimes against feet) and fleece vests and hats with flaps, and read. I'll wear my pink cowboy boots and read with you.

Christine said...

Michael -- Yeah, poetry isn't very dignified when you're rolling around in the dirt with all those... words.

Mickey Z. -- Delish? Thanks!!! (blushes)

Anonymous -- there's thin between not leaving your name and stalking. I'm just saying.

Rebecca ---
I would so, so love to. But there's a little problem of cash and time. Plus, if I read with you, I'd be completely overshadowed!!