Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Night of the Living! err. Afternoon of the ...

This is still ruff.

Important Questions
How do I know I’m not a zombie?
I walk slow, sometimes I stagger.
My cats are disappearing.
The screen door is ripped, shreds of it
lie strewn among larch leaves on the porch.
I can’t say when that happened.
My parents don’t answer my letters.
My boss looks right through me in the elevator.
The other secretaries have stopped taking
jelly beans from the cut crystal glass on my desk.
If I open the file drawer, it shines like a ghastly moon.
Sometimes when I sit down the seat
of my plastic chair is still warm,
as if someone just left.

I leave gifts outside my boyfriend’s bedroom
door; he doesn’t stop to unwrap them.
Perhaps the gray earth on the ribbons
make him uneasy.
I appear to be missing more than just a toe.
And the stench-- like a fish
tank when all the oscars have gone belly up,
and the pale flesh on their stomachs sways
like my breasts loose in this ripped blouse.
It smells so horribly female,
as if my teeth are infected with a virus
patched together by some doctor
with spectacles and a grudge.
I wake up Sunday mornings
my mouth and hands smeared
with red. There’s steak in the refrigerator.
Maybe I just get hungry.
How can I tell who it is I’ve consumed?


Radish King said...

Maybe I just get hungry


Christine said...

Thanks! YOu ever get that zombie feeling too?

Radish King said...


^looks around, slightly worried^

Mike said...

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