Monday, April 23, 2007

Hello. There. Been quiet for a while. (I will get to the tag quite soon, I promise.)

But life is good. I just had a great reading at my school, I sold 5 books, and everybody was wonderfully kind and laughed at the right spots. Plus, my tattoo got some shading! Finally! Next stop, color!

And a poemer!

A fresh one, from today! I love exclamations. I really do.

Love Song with Ambivalence

if only the alarm clock would stop working
if only these sheets were a different shade of green
if only you would fix your rotten bicuspid
if only the bread I bought yesterday were not moldy already
if only you could wash your hands more often
if only my breasts were of equal size
if only your penis smelled like violets


jenni said...

Nice tat. I need to get the one on my ankle finished. It's a fairy blowing dust (stars). I got it all done except for the stars -- they're supposed to wrap around the ankle and taper off on my foot. But it was too painful. I took all the pain I could stand.

Valerie Loveland said...

Great tattoo! I really like your dress, is it vintage? It isn't often you see that color green.

Christine said...

Jenni-- yes, they are painful! This one much more so than my other ones; I suppose because it's more complex. I'm trying to do just a little at a time though.

Valerie -- Thanks! Yes, the dress is definitely vintage. It has the most wonderful swirl when I walk...

Ernesto said...

Cool tat!