Monday, February 19, 2007


Waterfall Wedding Wheelchair
Video Camera Violence Voice Over
Typewriter Unconscious Underwater
Talking Animal Tape Recorder
Suicide Attempt Sunglasses
Small Town Snow Soldier
Reverse Footage Ring
Restroom Resurrection
Prologue Prostitute
Prodigal Son Product Placement
Party Person On Fire
Oral Sex Orphan
Neo Noir Nervous Breakdown
Masturbation Scene Medication
Love Triangle Machine
Key Kidnaps Kids
Interracial Romance Island Jail
Hallucination Hat
Ghostly Figure Gift
Famous Fantasy Sequence Farm
Falsely Accused Family
End Of The World Epic
Dogs Dream Like Drowning
Dancing Death Of Friend
Cannibalism Car Accident
Answering Machine Apartment
Animal Attack Angel

Key Word: Dream Sequence


Clifford Duffy said...

Christine_ you sent this one to Brim and how very Brimesque it was. So Brim thanksya.

Christine said...

Thanks, Clifford!

I'm still thinking it needs some cuts. It's my Flarf thing of the moment.