Monday, February 19, 2007

Favorite Films

Go for it.

So I’ve been “tagged” with the favorite film meme. To make it a little more interesting, I’ve created something more obscure.

1. The one told backwards in a strip club. Also, parrot eggs.
2. The one where the elevator opens and there’s a lot of blood.
3. The one where the skeleton sings and falls down a hole in a tree.
4. The one where he almost finds out he’s an android. Also, origami.
5. The one where the girl gets an abortion. She holds a grenade in her apron.
6. The one where the ground knocks and produces fire. Lots of masks and blindfolds.
7. The one where there’s many copies of her in large tubes of fluid. Also, toxic spit.
8. The one told entirely in his head while he’s being tortured. Also, lots of paperwork.
9. The one where he finds the ear and the blond girl cries a lot.
10. The one where the blond girl dies and he gets revenge with heroin.

Oh, and 11 because I'm perverse and I really wanted to add one.
11. The one about the red hood and the wolf-changing and the bobbing severed head in the bucket of milk.

Can you guess?


Ivy said...

2. The Shining
4. Bladerunner
7. Alien
9. Blue Velvet

Christine said...


Excellent guesses. I'm not going to give the answers until more people try.

megalopoet said...

5. trust
8. brazil
are my additions. i've suspicions about the others but will let it become blogger-sport to guess.

brilliant list method.


Christine said...

Nicole -- good guesses! Wow. I bet no one will get 11. It's pretty obscure. Although ten is too, but it just came out a few months ago.

megalopoet said...

i know #1 only because i remembered the eggs-- i had to google it just to be sure, so that precludes my posting it. your clues for 10 fuzzle me: i was going for sid&nancy, but nah. that wasn't exactly *revenge*

thanks for the challenges. i simply adore sam for tagging us all. my netflix is full for a year!

Valerie Loveland said...

3. Nightmare Before Christmas
6. Princess Bride?

Christine said...

Wow, you guys. Great guesses. And they're all correct, too.

Megalpoet hinted that she knew number one. So ten and eleven are the only ones people didn't get.

More hints for ten: he gets revenge with a brick of heroin.

More hints for eleven: based on a book by recently deceased feminist writer-- interested in the Marquis De Sade.

Valerie Loveland said...

Aw, I am really disappointed I didn't get 10 (Brick)! (Isn't that movie fabulous?)

I still have no idea about 11.

yareak(r) zrmeat said...

angela carter - the company of wolves

found you through crag hill's blog - great choices - cheers : )