Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wife's Tale

the wives in the garden are tapping
their teacups one of them
has gone murdering again she's
being chided her head bowed so all
they can see is her fetching pink cap
one wife looks away & ties a green
ribbon around her wrist another
sifts pearls through her palms and
stares intently thoughts drifting
the children will be home soon these chocolate
biscuits must be stowed away we wouldn't want
the children to get sick
the wife with a jade comb in her
white hair is firm
"you must be sure
to wash and what you can't wash you burn"


I'm going away to Santa Fe in a few day...z. (almost had some sort of rhyme there) I will be outside of internet contact during that time. If you want to reach me, write me a letter.

I'm very excited. The last time I went on a real vacation like this was in 1997. I'm sure I'll post hundreds of pics when I get back.


wickedpen said...

Damn that's awesome...I wish I wrote it..

Christine said...

Thanks! I was kinda' thinking it was your style.

aleah said...

I love this too. Funny but as soon as I read it I thought - "This is something Kristy would like - she has a similar tone in her latest book."

Have a great trip. It is heaven there.

Michael said...

Have a great trip Christine - hopefully you'll write loads of inspiring stuff when you return. :)

Christine said...

Jane -- thanks. It wasn't exactly heaven, but definitely better than NYC. Such a culture shock to be back.

Michael -- I wrote tons of stuff while I was there! Just wait till I transcribe it all!