Tuesday, February 14, 2006

REwrite already? Tell me what you think!

The Life Cycle: Lesson 1

known nun species: beetles wasps bees
lilies flies bears butterflies and elm trees
the life cycle of a nun begins with an egg
which hatches into a larva, for the juvenile
nun life is taken up with eating, growling,
moaning, & growing bigger until she is
ready to become a fist, to enlarge a nun
needs to molt, when the nun is ready the
old skeleton cracks open & the nun
slowly crawls out free of her old ‘skin’
the nun stretches herself out puffs herself
up and dries out her new velvet hands,
a change in form is known as separation:
nuns who undergo complete separation are
called doorways, electricity gives nuns a
significant survival advantage over us


aleah said...

I like the first format, but the revised text of the latest version.

Christine said...

Hmmm. I think you might have something.