Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Poem. Warning: it's sweet.

Possible Activities for Homedale, Idaho

pay a dollar

for a crated chicken at the shack on the edge of town
set the chicken free in a cornfield collect shreds
of tire from the side of the road buy a red plastic

for a quarter at the five and dime spin on a stool
at the counter of a diner as you order a milkshake hang from the
rings of the jungle gym

at the school across the street pick gravel
out of your knee after you fall let the hose run
on your cousin’s lawn until tiny frogs
appear when you move your feet

go indoors and sit
on grandma’s lap talk to her about the scarred
alphabet blocks

on the kitchen floor the photos of your uncles shirtless taped
to the refrigerator door


hardyf said...

great movement + imagery in this. nice site.

Christine said...