Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Homewrecker readings were a blast, although the first one, at Happy Ending was the most fun. The "take a risk" trope had me doing something spontaneous on stage, the first time since my days as a stripper (just kidding mom) and I pulled someone from the audience and had my way with her. It reminded me that I must use my psychiatric powers for good, not evil, though, and to stop fucking with people's heads simply because I can.

Obligatory photos:

Me, of course, trying to suck in my cheeks and look sexy in the bathroom before the reading:

Marty McConnell, who I assumed was a man before I met her (the name fooled me) turned out to be a terrific reader and poet. She's like super famous too, been on Def Jam:

Daphne Gottlieb, feminist poet goddess, who put this whole thing together and gained my undying devotion:

Felicia, a fantastic fiction writer, being witty and dry:

Tom Hopkins (Tom Hop) knows what happens when you're bad to your tiger:

This guy was quite great -- sad, scary, compelling, brutal:

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David said...

You've eluded me 'till now. Read: You mean, as a poetblog junkie, I've never before stumbled on your work?