Monday, February 20, 2006

New Photos!

I've been working on a still life series. Which one do you like best?






Amanda Auchter said...

A is just gorgeous. There is a very ethereal quality to it. Go withthat one.

whowelling said...


the best one is A but i'm not thrilled with any of them i do love the third photo below of the snow covered street at first i wasn't sure it was a photo


Michael said...

A is by far the more pleasing to my eyes, but what do I know I'm just a poet. ;)

Radish King said...

A! Get rid of the damned unicorn.

Christine said...

Amanda-- thanks! Yeah, A doesn't look so good close up, but the small version hangs together well.

Mr. Who -- Yes, the snow covered ones are probably better.

MIke-- just a poet! What does that mean! Yes, I think A is the winner.

REbecca with the pic of the scary screaming woman with the long neck on her blog -- ahem, there is no unicorn! It's just a regular horse. It was 99 cents for the horse, and 50 more cents for the unicorn. Perhaps the horse has secret plans on becoming a unicorn. I think you're just seeing the ear.

Radish King said...

Jeeze, she's laughing not screaming. She's just skinny.


Christine said...

Rebecca -- yes, but the point is -- she's laughing at ME! ;P

Radish King said...

Okay, it might, just might be the painter's fault that she looks so freaky. I'm not sayin.

p.s Last night one of my (young) writing students used / shimmering through the sunlight / in a very dark poem and I told her to take it out all the little unicorns prancing through the meadow, and she didn't really hear me because 2 of the other writers (not so young) were laughing hysterically in the corner.

I'm just a bitch.

Christine said...

Rebecca-- I didn't know you taught! That's so cool. Where do you teach?

I believed in unicorns until I was 12; I mean, I believed every time I went walking in the woods I thought I'd run into one.

I was wierd and not shimmering.

Radish King said...

I teach a workshop in my house once a month, they pay me (don't laugh...the workshop is now in its 8th year and 50% of my writers go on to MFA programs and the other 50% have just come from MFA programs and need rescuing, like feral cats. I feed them and beat them up. Sometimes I teach with my friend Jared at Cascadia Community College. I beat them up, too. Then there's the violin lessons. Yep, I pretty much teach all the time. In fact, right before I was employed at my present glamorous job, I taught music at an elementary school.

Radish King said...

p.s. The more I look at B. the more it seems the unicorn has laid a dish of eggs. I'm allowed to say this because we've already established I'm a bitch and I went to art school for 3,000 years to learn how to paint laughing and or screaming women.