Thursday, April 14, 2005

OMIGOD i sold a copy of safe word already i'm so pleased and just not believing it with the immediate action and the dollar in royalties !already! if the person who bought it cops to it i'll send you a nice card to say thanks


Michael said...

I don't know that I was first ~ but I have ordered one. Tapping my foot impatiently, so, where is it! LOL.

Ok, I'll try and be civil and patient for a few days - but that's a lot to ask of me. ;)

Seeing as how your poetry often makes my skin curl. LOL


Christine said...

hee. You're actually the second! I must have been doing something wrong with marketing technique for Discount Heaven, cause Safe Word is selling like hot cakes! Or at least, warm cakes! It'll probably take about ten days, because they're printing the first copy now. After that's been done, orders come quickly. They have to set up the blah blah, etc.

Ivy said...

Sex sells, baby! Mix it with poetry and you've got a potent combination. :-)

Sreekesh Menon said...


Jesse said...

they just processed my order

i'm ecstatic

Christine said...

Ivy -- yes, sex evidently does sell. Hmmm. Although writing about sex all the time is tiring!

Menon-- thanks!

Jesse -- I'm flattered your buying my book-- thank you!