Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Making a Baby

First, roll your husband off you.
He's no help, just sleeps and whines.
Get dressed. Go to the ATM
machine in the bodega next door
and withdraw 60 dollars.

Take the N train to Union Square.
Get off the train and exit on the east
side of the park. You may have to go
up some stairs. Take your time, you
are expecting a baby!

When you are at the top of the stairs,
proceed to the Toys R Us.
There are many escalators inside,
many children. Occasionally one
will dart in front of you. You have
to remind yourself to hold still, not
to grab her, tuck her under your arm,
and rush from the store.

Try not to imagine how she would
eventually emerge from under the bed
and eat her oatmeal, dress in her bright
t-shirt with the stars everywhere, wear
the lace skirt with tennis shoes, how
her voice would rise at the end when
she calls you, mama?

Instead, ride the escalator to the 4th floor.
There, next to the window, you will find
him. Ignore the felt orange skin.
You will need 4 double D batteries.

The cash register has a line of children
in front of it. Look above their tossing
heads at the wall. There's an elephant.
With polka dots.

When you get him home, you find
certain spots on his chest and chin
to push. If you do it just right, he
will wave his arms and legs.
Sometimes, he asks for a blanket.
Sometimes he says, pick me up,

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