Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Heh. I've been had.

The quote from the last post is actually from a subsidy publisher, I just found out, when they asked me for 1000 bucks upfront. And, if you read the quote below carefully, you realize that it could apply to almost any collection of poetry by anyone. Eh. Sigh. Guess I'll just go back to trying to get Poetry.com to publish me. If anyone wants to know the name of this slippery devil AKA publisher, email me at inktastesbitter at yahoo.com. I don't want to print it here because the walls have eyes, or, er, ears, tongues, whatever.


Ivy said...

Ah, ok, I know which one now.

Erin said...

Found your blog through an aggregator, and have been reading some - I really like your poetry quite a lot. I've recently had a chapbook published through a publisher whose services you might be interested in. She also has a an Ezine that I think your work about husbands would fit very well into

Pardon my intrusion and nosiness - I just couldn't help myself. Here's the call for submissions info:

Meeting of the Minds Publications is now open for submissions for their Men's Edition (entitled the Macho Issue 12). We are open to all genres of poetry however if you have anything special written for fathers, your husband, son, etc. it will greatly contribute to the theme of our issue. Please submit to poeticshae@hotmail.com for more information go to www.meetingofthemindsjournal.com/guidelines.html

Chapbook Enterprises, a division of Meeting of the Minds Publications, is now open for manuscripts for our third series of chapbooks due to launch in September. We are giving an opportunity for beginning to intermediate poets who have never been published to be published under us. We would like to offer you a chance to be published for free (20 chapbooks), free web page and free advertisement. There will be a $10.00 reading fee and an essay, Why Did You Start Writing.

Please submit your work to:

Meeting of the Minds Publications
Shaela Phillips
110 Atwood Street, Suite 247
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Christine said...

Ivy, yes, you are in the know. One of the illuminati, etc.

Erin -- thanks for reading this! And I'm definitely going to check out that zine you were talking about.