Saturday, April 30, 2005

Happy Birthday,Mickey Z!

For your birthday, a semi-found poem:

Things He Found on his Birthday Cake

a mushroom, frogs, ladybugs, violets, strawberry leaves,
a sketch book, a diary, waterlilies, cattails, a clock, rocks,
a mouse, a garden, ferns, raspberries, snails, lady slippers,
a whirl-i-gig, bachelor buttons, sunflowers,
decorative home decor, paint, designs, patterns, flowers, bugs, butterflies, leaves, wood, cutouts, birds, birdhouses, trees,
a cherry, a bunny, rabbits, a book, canvas, a file box,
candles, a wheel barrow,
a daisy, wild roses, violets, cornflowers,
a wishing well, squirrel,
squirrel and moose, actually,
squirrel and moose

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, CH. I truly appreciate the home decor.