Saturday, June 08, 2002

Yes, I do. I fling poo. Besides, everybody likes monkeys. Don't they? Don't they!!

You are a captive audience to another boring chat that appears cute to the participants:

onz: loser
spackle: thanks
onz: do you say thanks for everything?
spackle: yes i do. i am polite
onz: so when people insult you you say thanks?
spackle: always
spackle: they've shown me a new side to myself
onz: hmmm. Interesting strategy
onz: so you busy all weekend?
onz: not that I care
spackle: yeah, and all next week
spackle: work's picked up
onz: I saw a roach the size of a small kitten today
spackle: where?
onz: you're a male escort, aren't you
spackle: No
spackle: i'm a stud
onz: crawling into my dresser
onz: at first I thought it was a mouse
onz: but my cats were scared of it
spackle: did it get into your panty drawer?
onz: I don't think so, why
spackle: just curious
onz: what?
onz: would you be jealous?
spackle: yes
spackle: that's the ticket
onz: jealous of a roach
spackle: never!
onz: see you do have self-esteem issues
spackle: who doesnt?
onz: sometimes I see the roaches wearing my panties, but I never see them actually going into the drawer
onz: you're right everybody does
spackle: great image in my head now
onz: they also wear my lipstick and eyeshadow
onz: ocassionaly dye their attenae purple
spackle: mmmmmmmm
onz: play Eminem too loud so the nieghbors stomp on the ceiling
onz: write bad roach poetry
onz: live in the seedy Roach motel on a tiny little 2nd Ave in my bathroom
spackle: sounds fun
spackle: lets do it
onz: huh
onz: do what
spackle: all the things your roaches do
onz: I don't know, those roaches live fast and die young
onz: if I get my way

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