Sunday, June 09, 2002

I am going to a poetry reading tomorrow, Sunday, given by the head of the Women's Studio Center, Anne Babson, who is also the best poet in the northern hemisphere.

Here's the deets from her:

The Back Fence, that venerable (aging hippie)
institution where Bob Dylan first performed and they
haven't swept the floor since has a Sunday afternoon
poetry reading series with two featured poets and an
almost unbearably bad open mic afterwards.

This Sunday, June 9th, at 3:30 p.m., I will be one of
two featured readers. The other reader is fabulous.
His name is Bakar Wilson. He is an African American
poet from Tennessee who writes interesting work on
sexual identity issues and kind of turns Langston
Hughes on his ear. It's an honor to read with him,
even in such a dump.

Drinks are cheap. Peanuts, of which people throw the
shells on the floor, are free. There is no cover
charge. You would have to laugh if they asked you for

Come slum. Be part of the magic.

If you are a poet, however amateurish you may be,
spiff up the open mic and read a couple of your works.
Believe me, there is no way you could possibly fail
to outshine the regulars.

WHO: Anne Babson, Bakar Wilson and the open mic folks
WHAT: A poetry reading for the ages
WHERE: The Back Fence, Corner of Bleeker and Thompson
in the Village.
WHEN: This Sunday, 3:30 p.m.
WHY: Because you haven't lost your sense of humor.

I couldn't say it any better myself. I might be reading some new stuff at the open mic. We'll see.

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