Monday, June 24, 2002

I feel on a more even keel today. So my boss is lying psycho. I still have to kiss his ass for a paycheck. I'm used to psychos; I know how to get on their good sides. I almost lost it today when he accused me of having a narcisstic personality disorder because I asked, in a completely neutral tone, if my computer (which he's been promising me for the last six weeks) was in that big box in the corner. I have no idea why asking if the 'puter was in the box was narcisstic. But then I remembered that he's narcissitic, so I wasn't so bothered. His new method of complimenting me is by saying, "finally, you're wising up." Passive aggressive loser.

But on to much more exciting news: I made some collages and pictures! Yes, yes, the thrill. I'm also trying out two new covers for my poetry book-in-progress, Pavlov Made My Mother Cry. Here, yes are the draft covers and new photo of the collage assemblage.

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