Saturday, June 15, 2002

Today I went to my first live drawing class at the women's studio center. I've been planning to go for about 6 months, but I just keep cancelling at the last minute. One reason is that it's SO early in the morning! 11AM! Also, I sometimes just get this wierd social anxiety any time I attempt to try something new. It was fantastic! Such good practice. Of course, everybody else was a much better artist than me, at least in that they had a basic grasp of anatomy, which I don't, I admit. All my people look like distorted stick figures with pot bellies. Probably has something to do with the way I perceive people. In my world, you're all distorted stick figures! Aagh!!
Don't talk to me.

Anyway, I met the coolest girl, OlgaTuimil, who was there for the first time and is an incredible artist. Of course she had to sit next to me so I could see her work and get jealous. No stick figures for her. But she did loan me her crayon. That's not to be scoffed at.

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