Monday, October 10, 2005

I was woken up this morning at exactly 9:30 by a phone call. When I answered, a computer said, I'm sorry and hung up. Kinda wierd.

Yeah, so despite my crippling cold, the reading went well last night -- I managed to hold my snot in the entire time I was on stage! Yay, me. Everyone laughed when they were supposed to, for the most part, except for one poem, when they fell into a horrified silence. Don't know why, other audiences liked the poem.

And thank you again to Eric! Who's the greatest friend ever for coming and letting me cough at him.

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Michael said...

As to the people that feel into a horrified silence on the one poem... Some people just don't realize a genius when they hear one. ;)

On day those some people will slip and fall into something else. [evil grin]

BTW - is it one of your poems we would know from your blog?

Just curious.

Congrats for holding back the snot and an otherwise successful reading.