Thursday, July 21, 2005

Random Bragging

If you go here and look at the upper right hand corner, you might see someone you recognize.


Patty said...

Just finished Discount Heaven. I loved it! I enjoyed all the poems, but "A Daughter's Love Song," "Who has not wished her husband into a cat," and "Oh, America" were my favorites.

Where, by the way, did the cover photo come from?

Amanda Auchter said...

Congrats, Christine! Feel free to send it to us at Pebble Lake Review when it's published (for review).

By the way: you can find my blog here: I've linked you.

Also, I notice that you don't have a link to Pebble Lake Review, only text. It's

Again, congrats!

Amanda Auchter

Christine said...

Patty --thanks for reading it! Everybody loves the cat one. Hmmm. Everybody wants a cat instead of husband.

Amanda-- thanks! I will definitely update my links.
My second chapbook is out in April, I can send it then. Good luck with your new blog! I like the way you have the little link organizing thing.