Tuesday, July 19, 2005

And again! The punishment just never stops.

We Go to Get

the grocery store is so freezing coming out of the sun
i love the ringing of the automatic door how the glass opens
when you step on the blank rubber i love to run in and out
in my pink flip-flops with the daisy on top in and out
too young to even have under arm hair or smell like anything
but grass my hair matted brushing my shoulders brittle
and chlorine green
tied back with two red plastic balls on a rubber band
my face shiny brown
my teeth broken white white
i am smiling in all these photos


wickedpen said...

Funny you said that about Canada. Since I'm not all that familiar with NYC I was wondering when I saw it if the movie was actually filmed there, if Roosevelt Island actually existed, or if it WAS Canada...Toronto or Montreal maybe...

Christine said...

Yeah, RI is a little oasis. I've really wanted to move there but my husband is against it. I worked there for a year and loved it.