Tuesday, July 05, 2005

How It Started

my first kiss
slack lips against tongues
saliva sliding until my electric blue
tube top was wet

a slick between my white breasts
so new they ached
with being born
a kiss like a fight

me on top
during recess in the lawn in the middle of school
not caring if anyone saw not caring
if the principal came and tore me off him
everything gone warm and black

tongues wiggling
fast as slugs on speed
I ground against him trying to feel

rubbing so hard he whimpered in pain
grinding to grind out the burning between my legs
the strangest I'd ever felt and
I couldn't stop I couldn't I held him down


Patty said...

This poem is stunning.

Christine said...

thanks! this is about the tenth version. I'll post the one about sea lions soon.

aleah said...

Fantastic. Great poem, C.

Christine said...

Thank, Ms. Crow.