Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Watched BTVs this evening, of course. And there's wierd little web-interactive thing going on. In the eppy, there's a little lost high-school girl (what's new) who is actually a 30 year-old actress I've seen before in several failed sitcoms (what else is new) who has a website that the characters visit again and again, and quote, etc. Okay, the eerie thing is, there actually is that website at and it is very authentic looking. There's no little winks or nods or hidden links to WB11 or buffydotcom or nothing. And it's a free geocities site! How low class can you get? And the art shown in the girl's room in the show is on the site and there's no "real" artists' signatures, although I get the feeling that each of the paintings was done by someone else. The few give-aways to the hoax is that although the html for the pages is very sophisticated, lots of Java, etc., the paintings are scanned in very amateurishly, although the girl didn't have photoshop to crop them. Although she had photoshop to do the other stuff. So it's like they were trying to show how a teenager would do it, but weren't quite consistent. Also, the poetry is badddd. Just like many teenagers, but also just a little too good. It's just wierd to be able to see on my (computer) screen, what I just saw actors looking at on my (tv) screen.

I'm going to have to go read some Descartes now. Reassure myself that I really exisit.

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