Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Hullo to all you faithful readers from the south! I have no idea who you are, but I can tell from my tracking device that you're southern. And that ALOT of people look up "penis bouquet" on Google. Anyway, so I went into the Strand today and managed to escape with the damage being only two poetry books, a short story collection, and book of the notebooks and photos of William Gedney. Gedney was a fantastic photographer who took photos of San Francisco in the '60's. Mostly he took black and white shots of stoned people sleeping on the floor of burnt out hotels, looking quite miserable. Hee. Flower power.

I realized after looking at several pictures of long haired, bearded, bejeweled, etc. people, that everyone still dresses like that in San Fran. Most of the pictures could have been taken yesterday. Especially along the Haight, San Franciso is stuck in one of those Star Trek time loops, where every thing repeats itself. Maybe the farther away you get from SF, the more the ripple effect from the time distortion wears off, so that in Oakland, for example, it's 1980 right now. Although I'm feeling that in Weed, California, it's still the 60's.

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