Wednesday, August 21, 2002

The life of the blindness De Hysterical

My is full of the pain.
Those could have been a choice. They
are not absolutely
safe -- broad sveglisi to the patient to the morning,
nauseated from the whole light. My feet,
which go the mattress for giving the Plasterung forwards to suffering
that, which shoots in any place.
It could have been hipocondriaco.
I must ask
mine doctor, but
it stopped,
over of my calls to send back
the last month.
It said that it reached too much
intensively to us,
this whole spirit and exchange of the physical liquids.
Which had for látex.
Task, which shows a fear before segretezza.
We have the all day we were only twice kissed, those together.
In which case hour more rueber.
It does not renew my regulation for codeina.
And lasci with this jaqueca I and artificially
an inflation behind my the left ear.
My skin, sums at the times, during my Eidotter barretta.
They are sure that it is for the
safe code category
of the paralysis premonitory.
And the light, ah, the light! Escalda my eyes.
It constantly forms rasgón it. That cannot be normal.
Dígame, this cannot be normal.

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