Thursday, August 22, 2002

I just got this email:

"hey christine,

saw your writing on the web, think it's fucking amazing. was wondering if
you'd like to submit some writing to my ezine we only
have a few interviews up right now, moe tucker, anya janssen (her art is up
too), tod a., maggie dubris‹diamanda galas is set to go up soon. also a slew
of writing should be going up when joe (the webmaster) has time, very cool
stuff. i would be honored if you'd be a part of it.

picking my teeth with the tongues of the wicked,

trish warden"

And I started screaming and nearly fainted.

Do you know who Trish Warden is?

Only Just About My Favorite Poet In the Whole World.

I read her book "Attack God Inside" so many times it's completely trashed. Most of her stuff is out of print, and I've spent hours looking for her other book, "brainlift" in all the used book stores in NYC. "Attack God Inside" has been a major inspiration for me, and was one of the things I read constantly when I really started writing poetry seriously about two years ago.

I've been horribly sick today and had to crawl home from work, and the excitement from this is making me worse!

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