Monday, July 22, 2002

Some highlights from yesterday:

Ella Smith's poetry: God is here, and boy is she fat!
Mr. Magic's nervous and adorable dropping of balls during his juggling act. (Give him a break -- it's his first show in five years!)
The Goddess Pearlman's 2 inch long glitter eyelashes, and her song about shoplifting, dedicated to Ms. Ryder.
My neighbor in the spot next to me, a real graffiti artist, Fab 5 -- I think -- who oh so kindly gave me a t-shirt just for watching his paintings when he was away for five minutes.
All the cute boys who introduced themselves. And then introduced their wives/girlfriends five minutes later.
And of course, Olga, for patiently sitting next to me and for introducing me to all her cool artist friends.

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