Saturday, July 27, 2002

I injured the ego of the therapist I supervise on Wednesday. The thing is; I know she's not really a therapist. She doesn't do therapy, more a form of behavior management. So we clash a lot. I try to get her to see things pyscho-analytically and psychodynamically, but she really doesn't like to question why the children do the things they do. Her reasoning is, "they're just lazy," or "they just want to do what they want to do." She's not interested in helping the kids with deep structural change. So I got sort of pushy when she was telling me about a case where a 13 year-old girl was kicked out of a foster home for having boys over when the foster mother wasn't around. The therapist was really mad at the child and wanted to talk to her about deserving what she got. I suggested rather strongely that she try to be on the side of the child, as the child was probbably feeling rejected and alone. This REALLY pissed her off. To try to realign my self with the THERAPIST, because I knew our relationship had suffered, I apologized the next day. But she's still very angry at me, and now she's telling me what to do.

There's nothing that gets me faster than people who are not my boss telling me what to do. So I'm angry.

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