Monday, July 22, 2002

I saw that horrific "Meet My Parents" tonight. Yes, exactly like a car wreck. I couldn't move from my seat to pee I was so transfixed by the carnage. It was so medieval. Literally. It was medieval Europe, relations with a woman are brokered through her father. She's just a transaction between two men. But on top of that, the potential "boyfriends" were completely castrated by the whole process. The princess turned to Tom Cruise at one point, (he was Tom Cruise, I swear -- okay, Tom's Clone) she turned to Tom's Clone and said, "you're just a real little horndog, r'ncha'? I think we should just cut off your little dingle there and teach you a lesson." So much of the show was just about humiliating the princes. I, of course, was routing for Brandon on 90210, but he was too crafty and snotty (one of the lie detector questions the Dad asked him was, "Do you think you're smarter than me?" and Brandon lied and said, "uh..No?") Besides being short. And having dated a black woman.
So of course, Dad, in a true fascistic fashion, choose the Nazi-lookalike, Dolph Lundgren. At the end there was a group hug, and they all embraced and weeped about the beauty of their middle class, American whiteness.

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