Tuesday, July 23, 2002

More Evidence that People Visit My Apartment While I'm at Work

1. One extra dirty fork in the sink.
2. Cats have moved from the positions they were in when I left.
3. Toilet not flushed.
4. Inflatable bed is slightly deflated.
5. Water is dripping from bathroom faucet.
6. Bedroom door not completely closed.
7. Airconditioner is on.
8. NYtimes Book review is on LEFT front side of couch, when I left it on the RIGHT front side.
9. Light in bathroom on.
10. Cats mewing, and gathering oddly around their food bowls.
11. Kitchen cabinet door not securely closed.
12. Books in bookshelf not alphabetized.
13. Cigarette butt near front door.
14. Refrigerator magnets not parallel to sides of refrigerator.
15. Shampoo bottle half-empty.

Maybe I've simply been on vacation from my life for a while, and haven't realized it.

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